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It’s interesting that we now live in a time where we crave ‘community’ and ‘family’, however not really wanting the ones we actually came from…. blood has no bearing… age and culture segregate.

It’s melancholy poetry…

A Wandering Mind

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 So finally the Mail Art SWAP exchange has come! I submitted two of my  “Memories” post cards to the Richmond Art Gallery’s International Mail Art Exhibit in Canada and I got back two cool post cards from Canada and Indonesia.

1. Memories: “Sun on the Island”, Acrylic and ink on vintage post card

2. Memories: “Little Brother… Little Cousin”, Acrylic and ink on vintage post card

3. “Indonesia” Sumatra Barat” by Sinthia Nastisia, Watercolor and pencil on paper

4. “Untitled” by America Blasco, Pen ink and watercolor


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You know your really loved by how many people you know will get pissed at you for telling them shit after the fact.
A Wandering Mind

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Expect what you don’t want to expect… Even if it hurts, that way if and when it does, you’ll be prepared.

Don’t take everything that is uncomfortable as harsh… Everything that’s harsh is a lesson and if you don’t learn why live at all.

When the hard comes, take time to figure out “How can I make this work ‘for’ me?” That way when you come out of your struggle there will be less pain and a brighter light at the end of that tunnel.

Be happy always. There is nothing worse then going through something and everyone around you is surrounding you with negative energy. Let it go so it can pass… Cause with all things that too shall pass.

A Wandering Mind

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